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We enable our clients to analyse the investment process, using a consistent set of prices. This enables us to provide authentic feedback on the aspects of your portfolio management process that are generating alpha.

How we help Asset Managers

We work with our asset manager clients to analyse the investment process and identify your strengths and areas to focus on. By using a single set of prices, which are internally consistent, we are able to provide analysis which will help you:

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in the investment process
  • Help improve overall performance
  • Increase the effectiveness of your marketing and distribution by being able to demonstrate skill

Areas that we look at include:

  • Volatility of decision making types
  • Currency allocation
  • Market allocation
  • Duration
  • DTS (Duration Time Spread)
  • Sector allocation
  • Investment selection
  • Scattergraph – DTS
  • Filtering for Bond Type
  • Analysis of Trading Skill
  • Multifaceted analysis of holdings

How we help Asset Owners

We are able to show the skills of the Fixed income managers in a standardised format, that can easily be compared with peers in the marketplace, which allows you to make more informed decisions about the relative skillsets of the different managers you are researching.

Quite often our clients are able to narrow down their search to two or three managers, with very little between them in terms of performance. Our analysis is able to dig a layer deeper and help identify the best suited managers in the longer term, reducing overall manager churn.

How our service is delivered

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Use Inalytics' online platform to easily access all analysis and reporting on your portfolios.

Best in class visualisation helps you immediately identify trends in your portfolios and the exceptions which warrant further attention.

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Inalytics generates clear customized PDF reports for each manager that identify which of the manager's decisions generate alpha and which do not.

Custom outputs focus on our Clients’ specific investment objectives.

Bespoke reporting is available for CIOs, Investment Committees, PMs and Risk and Performance Teams.

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Quarterly portfolio review meetings with an Inalytics analyst.

We analyse your portfolios for you and discuss the key findings for each.

Bespoke insight in to the behaviours that are generating alpha and where there is opportunity for increased performance.

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