We came across some interesting research on the pitfalls of relying on memory to assess performance.

‘We focus on the few striking events that happened rather than the countless events that failed to happen’ – Daniel Kahneman Thinking, Fast and Slow

This examines the utility of human memory as an effective tool for improvement.

You can download the research article here: Research Article – Memory vs. Analytics

Our work with Shane Sutton has been featured in The Economist. The article discusses how the combination of data and coaching is helping fund managers improve their game.

PROFESSIONAL cycling is not the obvious place to look for lessons in investing. But in the past year several big British investment firms, including GLG Partners, J.O. Hambro and Schroders, have used the services of Shane Sutton, the technical director of Britain’s cycling team. Mr Sutton, they hope, will teach managers to steer clear of biased hunches and performance-sapping habits.

The full article is available here.