Research Papers
CFA Paper – Does Investment Skill Exist?
News 18/02/2016
Inalytics expands industry expertise in London and presence in New York
News 26/11/2015
Hedge Fund Magazine features Inalytics in piece on behavioural analytics
News 14/09/2015
Rick Di Mascio contributes to CFA UK roundtable on Big Data
Case Studies
Memory vs. Analytics
Research Papers
Research Paper on Corporate Governance Covered by aiCIO
News 06/03/2015
Our coaching service for fund managers is featured in The Economist
News 16/12/2014
The active vs. passive debate in Financial News
News 08/12/2014
Assessing Manager Skill: A contribution to Professional Investor magazine
Research Papers
Research Paper 08: Inalytics & PIRC
News 25/11/2014
Neiloy Ghosh joins Inalytics
News 03/09/2014
Financial Times Article on Inalytics’ Use of Data
News 18/07/2014
Inalytics to provide Barnett Waddingham with fund manager evaluation
Research Papers
Research Paper 07: Skill + Risk = Winner
News 25/06/2014
Interview with Rick Di Mascio in Markets Media
News 18/06/2014
Rick Di Mascio contributes to Investments & Pensions Europe
News 12/06/2014
Inalytics’ work with Local Authorities recently featured
Research Papers
Research Paper 06: UK Local Authorities
News 22/05/2014
Inalytics’ research on selling featured in the FT
News 14/04/2014
Inalytics featured in an article on behavioural analytics
News 17/03/2014
Financial Times talks to Inalytics Director Graham Dixon
Research Papers
Research Paper 05: Running Winners
News 05/03/2014
Inalytics to Provide Towers Watson with Analysis of Manager Skill
News 27/02/2014
Inalytics Featured in AICIO’s feature on Luck vs. Skill
News 14/02/2014
Graham Dixon Comments On Transitions Diligence
Research Papers
Research Paper 04: Separating Luck from Skill
News 15/11/2013
Inalytics Featured In New York Times
News 24/10/2013
Inalytics on BBC Radio 4, Episode 2
News 24/10/2013
Listen to Inalytics on BBC Radio 4, Episode 1
Research Papers
Research Paper 03: Track Records – Luck or Judgement?
News 24/10/2013
Industry Innovation Awards Dinner
News 16/07/2013
PIRC & Inalytics Announce Unique Research Service
News 22/10/2014
Read Inalytics’ submission to Pensions Expert
Research Papers
Research Paper 02: Are FMs Poor Sellers?
News 23/10/2014
FT feature on our partnership with Shane Sutton
Research Papers
Research Paper 01: Identifying Skill