Asset Owners

Make the link between an investment process and performance.

We help clients appoint managers with skill and retain them with confidence. Our analysis demonstrates how a manager’s investment decisions impact the value of your portfolio.

Managers market their performance as evidence of their investment skill. The analysis provides objective proof of how successful their investment decisions have been and the extent to which skill rather than luck drove their performance.

You can use our analysis to verify if a manager invests in your preferred style and monitor their decisions to ensure they remain so.

This service help informs your selection and monitoring processes with objective data on managers’ decisions.

How we help


We help you identify skilful managers and provide evidence based questions for your due diligence process.


Our analysis provides clear reporting on how managers’ investment decisions have impacted your portfolio so you can be sure that they are meeting your objectives.


We provide an unrivalled framework of scrutiny and oversight for clients who are transitioning from one structure to another.