Asset Managers

Use data to improve performance.

Precise, objective feedback is essential for understanding why some investment decisions succeeded and others struggled. Our portfolio analytics provide this feedback, we help you strengthen your investment process and improve performance.

This approach shares many characteristics with how elite athletes use data on their performance to inform how they can improve.

We have run our portfolio analytics on over 100 million individual investment decisions. This wealth of data enables us to identify patterns of investment decisions which frequently out or under-perform. We use this information to better inform the analysis we provide you.

We help you strengthen your investment process through bespoke feedback, built upon our analysis of your investment decisions. This feedback is highly customisable, providing insight on the specifics of what you want to better understand about your performance.

Inalytics report highlights the key metrics of our investment process required to sustainably differentiate us from our competition.

Simon Savage
GLG Partners LP

How We Help


CIOs and Heads of Desks use clear metrics on the outcome of individual managers’ investment decisions to better inform the management of their teams.


Working with individual PMs we use the analysis to strengthen specific parts of their investment processes. Improvements are tracked and incorporated into the feedback we provide.


Marketing and client servicing teams use the objective proof statements as independent verification of the quality of their manager’s investment decisions.